Command List

Auto Moderation Commands:
 s!auto-mod-ignore  Add/Remove channels, roles or members that will be ignored from auto moderation.
 s!auto-mod-invites  When enabled invites are automatically punished.
 s!auto-mod-mentions  When enabled mentions that exceed the threshold are automatically punished.
 s!auto-mod-words  Filter messages that contain words.
 s!auto-slowmode  When you set a threshold, it will activate slow-down for the duration given, and declare that it has been done.
 s!invites-whitelist  Whitelisted servers for auto-mod-invites.

Channel Filtering Commands:
 s!attachment-only-filter  Only allows attachments to be sent in these channels.
 s!channel-filter-ignore  Add/Remove roles or members that will be ignored from channel filters.
 s!command-only-filter  Only allow commands to be used in these channels.
 s!link-only-filter  Only allows links to be sent in these channels.
 s!premium-channels  Set channels that cost to send messages.
 s!text-only-filter  Allows only text messages to be sent in these channels.

Chip Production Commands:
 s!add-chips  Add chips to a member's atm.
 s!chip-shredder  Shred your chips away with a 70% chance of winning.
 s!chips  Check your own or another members balance.
 s!paycheck  Collect your daily paycheck.
 s!remove-chips  Remove chips from a members atm.
 s!reset-chips  Reset your chips or another Member's chips back to 0.
 s!sbe  Collect your reward from random spawns.

Chip Production Config Commands:
 s!chip-production-channels  Enable or disable certain channels for obtaining chips from chatting.
 s!maximum-balance  Set the maximum allowed balances of roles.
 s!sbe-spawns  Add a channel to have rewards spawn randomly.
 s!set-chat-chips  Configures the settings for chat chips.
 s!set-currency  Set the chips symbol to use for your server.
 s!set-daily  Configures the settings for the paycheck command.
 s!set-shredder  Configures the settings for the chip-shredder command.
 s!set-start-balance  Set the amount of chips users get upon entering the server.

Configuration Commands:
 s!bot-controller  Enable a role to give access to commands that require higher permissions.
 s!bot-moderator  Enable a role to give access to moderation commands without needing permissions.
 s!disable  Disable a command or module.
 s!disabled-commands  List all disabled commands in the server.
 s!enable  Enable a command or module.
 s!prefix  Change the command prefix the bot uses in your server.
 s!test  Test if a command is disabled in the server, channel or category.
 s!toggle-highlight  Toggle whether you want to allow the bots highlight features to be used in this server or not.

Events Commands:
 s!buy-lottery-ticket  Buy a ticket for an active lottery game.
 s!give-away  This command can be used to start a giveaway on your server.
 s!giveaway-notification-role  Add a role to be pinged when creating new giveaways.
 s!lottery-game-channel  Set the channel for lotteries to be posted in.
 s!lottery-game  Start a lottery on your server.

Fun Commands:
 s!counting  Set a specific channel to be used only for counting (1 number per message).
 s!dice  Roll a die.
 s!strato-joke  Gets a random strato joke.

Game Config Commands:
 s!game-bet  Set the max bet amount for games.
 s!slots-percentage  Set the winning percentage for slots.

Games Commands:
 s!blackjack  Play a game of blackjack and test your skills.
 s!coin-flip  Spin a coin.
 s!grammar-quiz  Test your grammar skills.
 s!hangman-mp  Play a game of Hangman with others.
 s!hangman  Play a game of hangman.
 s!math-quiz  Solve equations as fast as you can.
 s!number-guess  Guess the number I am thinking of.
 s!rock-paper-scissors  Play a game of rock-paper-scissors.
 s!roulette  Play a game of European Roulette.
 s!russian-roulette  Play a game of Russian Roulette.
 s!slots  Try your luck with the slot-machine.
 s!spelling-bee  Test your spelling and listening skills.
 s!trivia  Answer trivial questions from random categories.

General Commands:
 s!invite  Displays the bots invite link.
 s!privacy  Displays our privacy policy.
 s!support  Displays the support server invite link.
 s!upvote  Link to upvote the bot.

Info Commands:
 s!change-log  Shows a monthly changelog.
 s!channel-info  Shows information for the specified channel.
 s!credits  A list of people who helped made this bot possible.
 s!help  Display help for a command.
 s!mod-stats  Get the moderation stats of a user for this server.
 s!mutual  Retrieve a list of servers that a user shares with you.
 s!role-info  Shows information for the specified role.
 s!role-users  Get a list of members for a provided role.
 s!server-info  Shows information about the server.
 s!user-info  Get information about the specified user.

Logging Commands:
 s!deleted-message-log  Makes a log of any deleted messages on the server except in channels that have been ignored by logging-ignore-channels.
 s!direct-deposit-channel  Set the channel for role payouts to be logged to.
 s!edited-message-log  Makes a log of any edited messages on the server except in channels that have been ignored by logging-ignore-channels.
 s!emote-suggestion-log  Setup a suggestions log channel for emotes.
 s!logging-ignore-channels  Used to disable logging in specified channels.
 s!mod-log  Define a channel where your moderations will be logged.
 s!purchased-roles-log  Define a channel where logs will be stored when a user buys a role using buy-role.
 s!report-log  Setup a report log channel.
 s!suggestion-log  Setup a suggestions log channel.
 s!user-join  Used to log when a user joins the server.
 s!user-leave  Used to log when a user leaves the server.
 s!welcome-message  Used to log when a member passes the sentry channel.

Mobile Assistant Commands:
 s!create-channel  Creates a new channel in the server.
 s!create-emote  Add a custom emoji to your Discord server.
 s!create-role  Creates a new role in the server.
 s!restrict-emote  Restrict emotes to specific roles.
 s!set-slowmode  Change the slowmode setting for a channel.
 s!suppress-embed  (Un)-Suppress an embed for everyone.

Moderation Commands:
 s!ban  Bans a user and deletes one or a few days worth of their messages if specified.
 s!cases  List all punishments given in this server.
 s!check-invites  Returns a list of members with an invite as their presence or display name.
 s!kick  Kicks a member from the server.
 s!lock-down  Lockdown a channel to prevent users from messaging.
 s!mass-ban  Bans multiple users and deletes one or a few days worth of their messages if specified.
 s!mass-kick  Kicks multiple members from the server.
 s!mass-warn  Gives multiple members a warning.
 s!mute  Mutes a member from the server.
 s!nickname  Use this command to apply a preset nickname to a member.
 s!reason  Edit the reason for a previous case.
 s!remove-case  Remove a case from a user.
 s!reset-modlog  Clears **all** existing cases for a server.
 s!search  List all punishments given to a user in this server.
 s!set-start-case  Set the id that the bot will start with for moderation cases.
 s!soft-ban  Kicks a user from the server, deleting a days worth of messages.
 s!temp-ban  Bans the user for the duration specified and deletes the last x days of messages.
 s!un-ban  Unbans a user from the server.
 s!un-mute  Unmute a muted member.
 s!view-case  View a specific case from a certain members history.
 s!warn  Gives the member a warning.

Music Commands:
 s!lyrics  Fetch lyrics for a given artist and song.

Roles Commands:
 s!assign-muted-role  Add a role to be used with mute.
 s!auto-roles  Add or remove an auto role.
 s!buy-role  Purchase a role from the vending machine using chips.
 s!force-role  Add or remove a role from a single member or all members in a role.
 s!join-role  Apply a self-role to yourself.
 s!leave-role  Remove a current self-role from yourself.
 s!persistent-roles  Add or remove a permanent role.
 s!purchasable-role  Add roles that can be purchased using chips.
 s!reaction-roles  Add roles that can be given by reacting to a message.
 s!self-role  Add or delete a role that member's can apply to themselves.
 s!temp-role  Add a role to a single member for a duration.

Server Management Commands:
 s!boost-notify  Display a message when a user boosts the server.
 s!counting-number  Used to change the current count of a counting channel.
 s!direct-deposit  Automatically pay chips to specific roles on a schedule.
 s!factory-reset  Reset settings back to default.
 s!key-binds  Add keywords to be used as support replies.
 s!last-message  Keeps a message at the bottom of the chat so you don't have to repost it every time.
 s!nickname-presets  Add preset nicknames to be used with nickname.
 s!reason-key-binds  Add keywords to be used as moderation reasons.
 s!recaptcha-gateway  Set up a recaptcha verification system for your server.
 s!roboboard-ignore  Add/Remove channels that will be ignored from roboboard.
 s!roboboard  Set the channel to forward messages to, after a message gets a number of \🤖 reactions.
 s!sentry-fail-message  Setup a fail reply to the sentry command.
 s!sentry  Set up a verification system for your server.

Statistics Commands:
 s!ping  Runs a connection test to Discord.

Utilities Commands:
 s!afk  Toggles afk mode on or off.
 s!ali  Evaluate equations.
 s!avatar  Used to get the avatar of a user.
 s!color  Visualize your colors.
 s!embed-source  Get the source of an embed in a message.
 s!notify  Send an announcement message to a channel.
 s!purchasable-role-count  Show how many users have a temp role.
 s!purge  Delete an amount of messages quickly.
 s!quote  Quote a message from a channel.
 s!random-winner-role  Randomly choose an "n" number of winners that have a role.
 s!random-winner  Randomly choose an "n" number of winners from reactions.
 s!reminders  Manage your reminders.
 s!remove-zalgo  Cleans zalgo from user's names.
 s!report  Report a user to the moderators of this server.
 s!say  Send a custom message.
 s!suggest-emote  Used to suggest an emote for a server.
 s!suggestion  Used to send text/attachment to a Staff designated channel.
 s!timeclock  Receive notifications when your paycheck is ready to be collected.
 s!vote  Send a message and have your members vote.

Highlight Commands:
 s!block  Manage the items in your blocklist. Items in your blocklist won't trigger your highlights.
 s!ignore-block  Get notifications from a specific user.
 s!notes  Manage the items in your notepad. These can be used for notes.
 s!activity-cooldown  Set a cooldown to prevent getting highlights for x seconds after being seen active.
 s!enable-devmode  Enable developer mode to allow for using regular expressions.
 s!highlight-context  Toggle if highlights you recieve should contain context.
 s!highlight-cooldown  Set a cooldown to prevent getting highlighted again for x seconds between each highlight notification.
 s!toggle-dnd  Toggle Do Not Disturb mode. When activated the bot will not notify you of triggers.
 s!toggle-ocr  Toggle OCR (Image Scanning). When activated the bot will scan images for triggers (global setting).
 s!regexes  Manage the items in your regex list. Regexes are used for advanced triggers.
 s!words  Manage the items in your word list. Words are used for simple triggers.