Feature Spotlight

  • Server Management

    This bot has all of the commands you need for proper and smooth server management. Moderate members by warning them for minor rule infractions, to banning members for major rules infractions. And in the event a member goes rogue, you can even place a channel on lockdown to give you time to run a moderation command when seconds count. Do people like sending messages in your precious meme channel, making it harder to see those glorious memes that people made? Well not anymore! You can set it up to where only those memes can be sent, any messages sent are automatically deleted. More space, more memes! Other things you can do is set it up to where only bot commands can be used in a channel and you can set it to where only text is allowed to keep those memes out of the main chat.

  • Economy

    Keep your server's interaction at top peak and reward active members with sbe-spawns, where chips will randomly appear in the channel and members have 30 seconds to collect. First come, first served!

  • Fun Stuff

    What is a multipurpose bot without some fun features? The short answer is: NOTHING! That is why this bot has that as well. When it comes to active servers, chances are you want to see your best messages pinned. However, there is that pesky 50 message limit that is probably preventing that. The alternative is having a robo-board, where any messages that gets a certain number of robot reactions will be sent to a dedicated channel. Will any of your messages be worthy of the roboboard? There's only one way to find out. Is that not enough? You can set a channel dedicated to just counting, where you can send 1 number per message. Simple, right? Well, you can make this more challenging by setting up a can't count role for those who slips up and makes a certain number of mistakes. Remember back in elementary you used to play a game called hangman? Well, this bot has that too! And for the people who think they are good at grammar, there is a grammar quiz. Test you your grammar skills! There is still much more to come!